On occasion we receive products from our distributors at a discount. This is the section that we offer the discount back to you, the customer.  

American Standard Roman faucet for bathtubs. This faucet comes in chrome only. In stock item.
Regular 324.00                     Sale 99.00

American Standard Porcher roman faucet. This is american standards high end product. This faucet is in stock chrome only and is available until stock diminishes. 
Regular 989.00                    Sale 149.00

​Maax 55" x 55" acrylic professional series whirlpool and airpool tub comes with inline heater and faucet. 
Regular 4673.00                Sale 2650.00

Moen shower valve in chrome. This valve is a 3/4" valve instead of a 1/2". That way you get more pressure through the valve to support body sprays or a big rain head in your design. It is also a thermostatic (which means it can go to the same temperature that you previously set it to everytime you turn it on). 
Regular price on this spa including the valves is 1060.00
Sale price 699.99

The Ultimate shower! This is a 62" x 34" acrylic one piece shower. It contains 3 body sprays, 2 square 8" overhead showerheads, an adjustable showerhead, a fiberoptik system in the ceiling that has little sparkly lights and a computer system to control all of the above as well as the stereo system and a steam system! WOW all in one package. Steam door is also included.
One only 14800.00

This is a 48" x 32" acrylic shower base with center drain. It is made for a right hand corner so that you can have glass on 2 sides of the shower like shown. 
Sale 389.00

Solid metal 12" rainhead and 15" shower arm. Available in chrome only
Also availble in square